• I bake in the sun
    You’re beautiful in the shade
    Come, lie beside me.

    A bird on a branch
    Lovely, it chirps next to you
    Better than your words.
    Even though your robes are poor,
    Write Sakura more haiku.

    Sakura! A name
    It stirs my heart with much joy
    Make your way to here.

    The tall grass glistens
    How can I pay heed to you?
    It beckons and sways.
    This shade cools and protects me.
    You just do the opposite.

    My final haiku
    I lose hope of having you
    For you are too great.

    You’re smiling at me
    Incorrigible, are you not?
    Though shade is better,
    You summon me to sunshine.
    Somehow, you’ve won me over.