• At first there is nothing,
    And darkness fills the void of a desolate space.
    Then a bright light comes to vision,
    Blinded by nothing but the light.
    You are temporarily robbed of sight,
    In one moment.
    It was here,
    The next.
    It is gone,
    Replaced by visions of beauty.
    As you roam this world of your own,
    You feel nothing but pure bliss.
    Only to you will it ever feel like a paradise,
    'Let me stay for all eternity' you plead.
    You are still there.
    Rejoice and be grateful,
    For you are still there.
    Many days and nights pass,
    And you are still there.
    One day seems different from all the others,
    The sun is not shining.
    The wind is not blowing,
    The oceans are dry,
    And the fields are clear.
    There is nothing but darkness,
    You run in the shadows but are going no where.
    You trip and fall unto the ground,
    Touching the wound you feel there is no blood.
    Nor do you feel any pain.
    Then in a sudden burst of light,
    Everything is white,
    Then in that same moment.
    You open your eyes,
    A dream.
    It was only a dream.
    It was always but a dream...