• It's over now, and yet I can't stop screaming.
    I try to believe that I was just dreaming.
    But it's much too late and much too long,
    I'm too deep submerged in this bloody song.

    In my weakness I cry,
    too strong yet to die.
    But how I wish I could
    if I might end this I would.

    The dark lonely night
    simply holds no fright
    compared to the moon, clouded red
    where I will drift, my final bed.

    I pretend that these tears are simply rain,
    but in my head I know it's from the pain
    and my heart splinters with sorrowful aching
    I can't deny that, yes, it's breaking.

    The pulsing dark melody
    sounds like a death march to me,
    as the cold west wind howls
    through trees, new made gallows.

    Then I make that one deadly leap
    and close my eyes in final sleep.
    I swim through the lost spirit's sea
    and smile because I'm finally free.