• Hell is one place brung by satan
    Death trickles upon our lips
    The slow rising feeling of pain is lifted
    The mouth is flourished

    Children cry for happiness
    Beaten and torn apart
    Lived by hatred Love is faded

    What is this world come to?
    dust is left, lives are gone
    sun is no more

    Why cant we see what were easily destroying?
    lives, happiness, freedom
    Its all gone with time

    We need to stand up for once
    show how we are
    maybe then we can be delivered from hatred

    Racisim, hatred, discrimination
    its all apart of our world
    Seize all that's good bring out the bad
    Ya its how we live

    Why live that way
    you want change?
    do something
    you want happiness?
    find goodness first
    you want respect?
    show it first

    nothing changes how we are
    except us
    don't be so conceited
    it doesn't work for anyone

    its true you cant love anyone
    but yourself
    hey its not all that should be done
    care for once

    holy god deliver us from hell
    from hatred
    torniquet, our savior
    where have you gone

    Take over all man kind and
    Deliver us from hatred.