• Upon wings I have flown to this place
    and cast away my chains of humanity
    all at a mere chance to kiss the face of God.

    At first I was afraid,
    my fingers trembled as I touched his lips
    and gazed into his eyes of wisdom.

    Who am I to stand here,
    a pale child among sea of children?
    Yet he does not judge, only smiles.

    My lips quivered, my heart pounded
    and my soul was like a fire,
    I paused for a moment, he did not.

    He pulled me close; I felt his heart, calm and steady,
    his lips touched mine and he drank upon my essence
    as though he had none of his own.

    It was a simple kiss full of passion,
    free from the sins of man
    and a love I shall never forget.

    I flew here on wings of fear,
    I cast away my chains
    and traded my soul all for a piece of heaven.

    Now no evil shall be fall me,
    and hell will have to look else where,
    for my soul dwells in his kingdom.