• We think when people say you take for granted what you have and dont know it
    and that you never know what you have till its gone
    and its true.
    Its one of the many lessons in life that you dont learn till you experience it
    The world love is thrown out around alot
    and many for lust and stupid reasons
    no one knows the true meaning of it anymore
    but i do
    from my experience with this certain girl she showed me what true love is and
    i thank her for it
    She gave so much and didnt take back
    i was greedy and i took away so much from her and never though of what she wanted
    i was a fool
    and now that she is gone i know i took her for granted
    when someone tells you something
    you think this guy is crazy
    but take a second look
    it could help you
    and it would help you not make the same mistake i made
    one thing i also learned
    well two really
    one is that if you love something you have to let it go
    it doesnt matter how you feel
    think of the person you love
    as long as their happy it should make you happy
    even if the smile that he or she has of the one you love isnt what you brought to him or her and it was by someone else
    dont be sad
    be happy cuz the one you love is happy
    the other thing i learned
    if you love something
    you fight the pain
    an example of this is if the person you love
    finds someone else
    yes it will pain you
    but smile not fakely but a real smile
    since the one you love is happy