• Missing the only person in the world
    Who can make my heart stop beating,
    But then start it up again in a second.
    With nothing but a mere smile.

    With a mere smile comes a blast of warmth,
    Melting away all impurities frozen to my soul.
    With a mere smile comes a loss of gravity,
    And a desire to take her hand and fly away.

    But a desire was nothing more than a desire.
    A wish lost in a sea of false promises to myself.
    I promised myself I'd take her gentle hand in dance.
    I promised myself she'd see the best of me.

    I didn't dance like I told myself I would.
    I sat on a chair watching her dance with her friends.
    I didn't show her the best of me or my poetry.
    She only saw me behind a mask I carved for myself.

    Now she's gone, I don't know how to feel.
    Glad I no longer have to torture myself over her?
    Maybe so, but when I least expect it,
    The memories creep into my mind and for another night I cry.

    And now I am thinking of the only person in the whole world.
    Who can make my heart stop and start it again.
    And as I watch the horizon, I couldn't help but see
    Her warm smile in the cruelly gentle sky.