• In my creepy trench coat
    Blue denim shirt and hipster shades
    Enough of me lets cut to, my shadow
    And then I'll dance under this nondescript tunnel

    I can see a blind girl dancing freely
    Gotta take this to banquet hall
    Karaoke all alone
    Frank Sinatra's microphone

    Giant windows make this place look churchy
    No one here to serve last call
    Finally menage a trois
    Suspenders don't suit him at all, she's dizzy.

    Reflecting light from, big puddles
    I'm so shocked there aren't homeless people sleeping
    You know that I started this pop collar trend
    Banquet's over but bartenders dancing

    Spin a bit jump split, he's very talented
    Don't I look like Pete from Pete and Pete?
    I really like these ornate arch's
    I prefer my trench coat starched

    Dancing like I'm Michael J. Fox with Parkinson
    This guy is such a one man show
    I should church bang these hoes
    I really think this bartender snorted, some prozac.

    Unnecessary bar exit
    I got braces for this grin
    I've never seen so many spins
    Need more shadow

    Childrens parents should be mad
    I don't have candy or a van
    I feel better that this blind girl has a blind boyfriend

    Way too many spins way to many spins
    (Chain link fence)
    Zoom the camera in zoom the camera in
    (Spider man)

    Where my shadow go where my shadow go
    (here it is)
    Do you think I look do you think I look
    (Like Conan O' Brien.)

    These girls think I wanna, get it on
    Instead I sing this song so technically I just Rick rolled them or something
    I think this bartender need Ritalin
    I swear I think he should be on star search

    I really hope the cops don't check this alley
    Trench coats can give me 5 to 10
    Oh my god is Dolph Lundgren
    I think he was a Russian on "Rocky"

    He refuses to be upstaged by ninja bartender
    Apparently he chose his time
    To find a cure for her blind eyes
    Once again I'm Michael J. Fox in spin city.

    Now the sound will get real low
    This denotes the end of the show
    I never got to bang those hoe's