• X-----Cut-----X

    He ran into the bathroom and shut the door.
    With shaky hands he turned the lock.
    His breath coming hard and raspy,
    He slid to the floor his arm itching, blood screaming.
    “S-shut up.” not even his body would listen to him anymore.
    The itching increased to a point where he could have done it with out that cold steel tool.
    Ragged and ugly lines that wouldn’t go away no matter how long he gave them to heal
    He ripped off his black hoodie which plastered itself to his smoldering skin.
    His veins screamed even louder and bulged under his pale skin.
    He crawled over to the sink and slowly pulled himself up.
    He forgot that there was a mirror there and wasn’t prepared for the creature that looked back at him.
    His once bight green eyes were dull and hooded, his skin as white as snow and his hairy ruffled as if he has never once used a comb.
    He growled, “It’s your fault they hate me, Your fault I’m like this, Your fault she won’t even look at me now. Your fault… YOUR FAULT!” he threw a punch at the mirror which shattered into a million pieces.
    Blood dripped from his knuckles but it wasn’t enough. He grabbed a jagged peace of the mirror. He gripped it so hard that it shattered.
    Throwing the glass away, he reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out his old steal friend. His favorite spot was in the middle of his arm.
    Touching the icy blade to his boiling skin, he could have sworn he heard it sizzle.
    Slowly he dragged the blade around his arm, creating a bloody ring. “1...2...3...4...5...6” He counted each ring. “11...12...13...ahhh”
    He slumped down on the floor and rested his head against the wall.
    Blood ran down his arm and pooled in the awkward bend of his wrist.
    The screaming stopped.
    His breathing slowly coming to normal
    Again he climbed to is feet.
    Discarding the rest of his clothes, his stumbled to the shower
    Cold water stung his skin as it erased the red tears from his weeping wounds.
    He bent he head to watch the swirls of the useless red liquid being swallowed by the bottomless drain.