• Have you ever wondered why there are things we can't keep

    And we fall from pressure and we sink so deep

    Look at me, look at the way I was seated

    I've been given a good life by the way that I was treated

    I can't think , my mind's been restricted

    But somehow I figured what I just depicted

    To me you're a puppet, I control you in every way

    I'm a strange phenomena that can't be explained

    Yes, I am different in every way

    I stay true, I'm cool, I rule

    I'ma be me, you see you know how I do

    My intellect is smart, yes one to be respected

    Im'a good grader, I can take you all for granted

    Can you find the meaning hidden inside of this song?

    I bet the thoughts developing inside your mind is wrong

    I'm not a maniac, nor even close to wretched

    It's just with my conscious, my flow can't be contested

    Nevertheless, it can't be corrected

    Haters gonna think that it should be neglected

    And a year later it's gonna be defected

    Only because commoners like hypes gonna kill it

    Then it won't be inspirational good music

    No, I'm going to create a good movement

    And show the fake rappers how to do this

    If only I can be a sensation

    I could have my ideas travel all over the nation

    My mind floats like an extra-terrestria

    I've even been called a philosopher

    Understand just a little bit

    If i were to philosophy this

    Do you think your mind can handle it?