• I'm young and unashamed of what I do

    Of this better named Junior you never knew

    I wish I can get a ride into space

    And journey to a new place

    Where they're is no struggle between another race

    I'll pack my bags and leave today

    It's like I write everything in pain

    Cause they claim everything I can't acclaim

    It makes a brother want to go insane

    But I'm still the same

    Destruction of Earth will come soon

    All my fellow enemies will meet there dooms

    A hostile takeover, a world domination

    Ending the life of human procrastination

    And everybody will receive justification

    And that'll be enough to cease the hatred

    The industry is weak, we have all power

    Destroy the empire's tower

    Slay the king and queen of this monarchy

    And crumble the remains of their hierarchy

    Then replace it with a new system

    A system in which we won't be forced to listen

    Listen Up! We got more work to do

    If we want to have a start of something knew

    Layout out the blueprints, the designs are well made

    Implement the influences, Lupe and Kanye

    Do you think we can keep a promise?

    And act like it never started

    It's so clear in a dream

    There's much more than what it seems

    It may actually happen, you need to believe

    Sadness only follows with grief

    Happily faces with a mix of excitement

    Should only encourage us to take flight

    Yes sir, I'm the bright star in the picture

    That you showed me when I was a little younger

    Now I'm far away, I'm all the way up here

    In a distant planet past the atmosphere

    Guess again, I'm out of your sphere influence

    And created my own influence

    Oh so prudent, and a little more intriguing

    I am a legend that you should all want to be seeing