• Fallen down in a unfamilier setting
    not what i was use to or remembering
    but i will try to make the best of this
    and spread only happyness
    studying the ones around
    trying to find thier goals and of what thier proud
    the strain almost seems to much
    but to gain thier gentle love and touch
    it is worth the struggle and pain
    then i will share with them happy ways
    but its not working like i planed it to
    what did i forget to do?
    analizing through the work ive done
    can not find a mistake, not one
    so why isnt this working right
    why with me they wont to fight
    push and pull my feelings faster
    and embaressed and here thier laughter
    at my pain and my expence
    i do not see were was my chance?
    to pass up this heartache?
    or is this a nightmare, i hope be fake?
    i do not understand your peoples reasons
    why your angry and terrible all through the seasons
    never a break from giving pain you take
    leave me alone give me a break
    i please you all and yet in waste
    your bitterness ill no longer taste
    i will take my life and rise away
    and go to were the real humans lay
    the ones with hearts and reasoning
    instead of your verble beatings
    so good bye youll crash from all your tretchery