• It starts with a wink,
    Maybe a nudge,
    I am not scared,
    Because you do not judge.

    As our lips touch,
    The sensation fills me,
    I look in your eyes,
    You set me free.

    My blood starts to pump,
    My adrenaline rushes,
    As I start to feel,
    All the amazing touches.

    My hands round your waist,
    I push you down,
    I see that look in your eye,
    And now I'm Hell-bound.

    To make you release,
    All over me,
    You know what it is,
    And I have the key.

    We start off slowly,
    And then go faster,
    If our parents found out,
    It would be a disaster.

    But that's out of my mind,
    Because it's our souls that bind.

    I squeeze you harder,
    And you scream my name.
    You're so wildly amazing,
    You're like a beast untamed.

    I can feel you get closer,
    And I know I am too,
    Our love is forever,
    Through and through.
    As amazing heat,
    Fills up inside you.