• I feel the times we were together,
    The times we spent would last in memory,
    You were always by my side,
    You can tell whenever I lied,
    There are things I wanted to say,
    Like I wish you was here today,

    When you are gone,
    I wish the times weren't done,
    You are the one I will always miss,
    Especially when we first kiss,
    When my life is so busy,
    Forgeting you isn't easy,

    There are times I felt so down,
    You lift me up from the ground,
    Keeping me from losing it,
    And lifting my spirit,
    There you were in the past,
    But remembering it will always last,

    When you were here,
    You show me how much you care,
    I can always tell,
    You were my guardian angel,
    If you was at any where,
    I would be there,
    That's how much I care,
    You were the best,
    And never thoughtless.