• Soaring above the dark jet black sky,
    Among the clouds in the lower atmosphere
    I watch the glittering stars shimmer as I wander by.
    The lights of moving cars trudge slowly,
    Through concrete jungles below,
    Slithering almost like a giant snake
    Searching for a quiet place to lie.
    But this will not happen
    The hustle and bustle of everyone’s daily lives is too much.
    The racket of civilization is a pest
    With horns blaring,
    And people swearing angrily,
    His rest will not come without effort.
    But from the height I cannot hear the havoc;
    I can rest easily.
    And, think about how beautiful the scenery is
    Hoping that one day our world won’t be quite so hectic.
    For now though,
    The sweet serenity and peace in the sky
    Whisks me away into unconsciousness.