• What is love?
    Some say it’s a rose,
    Still others say it’s a feeling,
    But deep inside……I know love is life.

    My love for you was pure,
    Pure as the most delicate roses,
    We were one,
    Never to be separated……ever till’ the end.

    My love for you was like a flower,
    That blooms in the spring,
    It is lovely while it is taken care of,
    But when it is abandoned,
    It dies……alone.

    Why did you leave me?
    My love? My dearest?
    Why did you leave me alone?
    When I needed you the most?

    Now I belong to another,
    I’ll never be yours again,
    He loves me and never deserted me,
    Please learn from that big mistake.
    Never to repeat it again.

    I know that you miss me,
    But now it’s too late,
    I love another, not you any more.
    My love for him is purer and more delicate,
    Than the most pure and delicate moonflower.
    More beautiful than a rose.