• Tears Of Blood

    Tears of blood for you I cry,
    Admiration of your faults
    Sparkling in mine eye.
    My wrist, it weeps, for the loss.

    That loss of warmth...
    Happiness deserted.
    The depth of normth,
    With you, I felt, departed.

    Sorrow fills my soul;
    Such a mournful thing.
    I long to be whole,
    Once more, as it were.

    I long to yell, to scream out,
    "It's not fair!"
    Without a doubt,
    Tis not, and never shall it be.

    You and I,
    With the wings of our hearts,
    Touched the sky,
    Taking us away from the pain.

    Alas, tis not to be,
    For, you see, I need you.
    And you...you don't need me.
    "It's not fair!"

    My woeful cry of severe obsession,
    Ringing out for all to hear,
    The sound...of my desperation.
    Oh, my mournful soul!


    Tick tock goes the time.
    Tick tock, my heart's clock stops.
    Tick tock, no more shall you hurt me.
    Tick tock, the pain tops off.
    Time goes on,
    And yet, Tick and Tock reside in me no longer.

    The tears of blood you made me cry,
    Are now all dried up.
    There are no more tears to shed.
    Life for me is dead.
    Nothing is left, love,
    But you...you can have it.