• {Intro}
    To Rebel
    (Lost my pride)
    {Verse 1}
    (Enter the battle)
    Broken again
    (I tread to the war,
    I’m hoping to win.
    Too bad)
    { Pre-Chorus[Bridge] }
    I seek blood
    (I end all crusades
    It’s you versus me!)
    Raged in war
    (I loathe potential)
    Destined to fight
    (My breath on the line_
    : As I die:
    : Just save yourself:
    {Verse 2}
    (Caught in the middle
    No chance to survive)
    Entranced and entwined
    Forced into armor
    That binds us in war
    { Pre-Chorus 2[Bridge 2] }
    (Emblazed in rage}
    Never forgive;
    One shall not live