• He Makes Me Wanna Scream,I Can't Get Out.

    I'm Being Torn Apart.The Pain? I Don't Know Where To Start.

    When I Begin To Cry I Cover My Face So Noone CAn See Or Even Embrace.

    I Try To Be Strong But My Feelings Will Emerge,I Can't Help It I'm Always Fighting The Urge.

    My Fingers Will Twitch And My Mind Will Race,I Have My Phone Just In Case.

    I HAve People Here For Me They Wont Let Me Suffer,Whatever The Problem I Call Him My Brother.

    He Knows All My Secrets And He'll Never Tell,He's A Person I Trust And I Always Will.

    I CAn't Keep From Hurting,It Never Goes Away,I would Tell You Some More But Not Now Ok.

    I ACn't Stop For Long but I Will Try,This is The End So I'm Saying Goodbye.