• Have the Mighty fallen before us?
    No, not again... A loss and sorrow to follow.
    The Elite have left us for dead,
    Do you hear their fleeing steps?
    Your ever "faithful" leaders now filled with glee...
    How could you have been so blind?!?
    Those words that were first spoke were never true!
    Yet, you allowed yourself to be taken in.
    You sold YOURSELF on a lie.
    I fear how this will end, and what your god had planned for me.
    I tried to save you but, in the end, couldn't even save myself...

    A tear will be shed for those who came before,
    And laughter left for those who may come after,
    But my soul will not be bound, cuz my heart is forever hers!
    And I will REFUSE to be nothing less than perfect!
    I will NOT be sheltered by lies!
    My life is my own...
    I shall not remain here...

    You will not seperate me from myself.
    I know the pieces fit, cuz I watched them tumble down!
    I can rebuild what I myself have destroyed and forsaken.
    But, do not expect instant results...

    No longer are we slaves to an old and faded ideal,
    Now, we are the keepers of fate.
    We are the destroyer of laws, the demons of life!
    We are the impossible, made possible!
    We are the numbers, the 1s and the 0s!
    We are the givers and the takers!
    We are the untraceable force that snuffs out your life!
    We are the undeniable forces of nature!
    We are the Holy and the Unholy, the dual partners of life!
    We are the START, and
    We are the END.....

    Everything is now full circle....