• You don't know what its like
    To feel so in the dark
    To have no one to hold you,
    when the nights are harsh
    I sit in a dark corner and cry myself to sleep
    Cause no one knows the pain i feel and they don't care

    You'll never know the pain in me
    You'll never know what i see
    The horrors of the world that i have been,

    Each night is somethin new
    and Each day a new beginning
    But for you to see me clearly
    Is going to be hard to do

    Its sad really because no one knows what you really need
    all they care about is violence and money
    no one cares for anyone anymore
    kids suffer from the inside but try not to show it

    I feel like a black rose that has color inside
    but hasn't gotten the love it deserves
    and all that it needs and never survives
    nothin will ever be the same
    even if i lose control

    I will know in my heart
    that your the one
    thats helped me through
    when my times rough
    and helped me bloom color
    from the black rose