• On moonlit night, where fireflies glow
    And air is sweet with the smell of a sun-kissed field
    Moon casts light that makes skin glow like ghost
    Stand there hand in hand with him

    A plop! And look up
    Dwellers of the water in many colors
    Swimming closer in swirling circles
    And bring along a small, round pad

    The pad ordinary and flat
    Nothing special on first sight
    But look closely and a small pink flower floats on top
    Petals wide open and colors shimmering red to pink

    He glides slowly to the edge and bends
    Flower drifts higher and higher
    Dew drips off and merges with the rest
    Smiles and turns

    Lets go of grasp and replaces it with blossom
    Looks into misty eyes and leans to face
    Close them slowly
    And he whispers, “Aishiteru watashi no ohana”