• ALL your friends take all the hot guys there's no one else that you like so you start to get jelous. you dont know what to do you just wish you could be one of your friends just for one day.
    then one night you seen a shouting star and you said i wish i was in a fairy tell that all the guys liked me and i was a pretty princess that lived in a castle.
    and had every thing in the world that anyone would wish for.
    the next morning you just got up you werent in your own bedroom so you asked your self what had happened to me last night then you got up out of bed your dad was the king your mom was the queen. you were the princess. your dream came to life it was real you couldnt beilve. so you went in the forest to think what you have done. then comes a price and and he fell in love so he asked if you would marry him and you said I DO!!! I DO I DO I DO!!!
    next thing you know you were getting married then you just thought what have i done i lost all of my friends im getting married im to young whats happening i want to go home i love my life i want to stay at my own house were i belong.
    so you denide the marrage and cryied to your room and cryied intell you fell asleep the next moring you notcied you were home then you ran to your mom and dad and said 'i love you guys i will never leave you" your mom and dad just sat there and laughed.