• ....got me to thinking that maybe things could have been a little bit different.
    No, not fix things. I know I couldn't fix things, by then it was to late to fix things. Make things a right? Maybe. Make myself feel a little bit better? Defiantly.

    I wish that I had yelled.
    I wish that as the tears ran down my face that I pointed a finger to the person I would use as a scapegoat for all my confused emotions.
    I wish that my tears got to you and that my coldness afterward wasn't convincing.
    I wonder what would have happen.
    I wonder if you would hear everything I would have to say. I wonder if the words that I would have probably spitted out would have gotten to you. Would they be eating away at you? Perhaps you would simply brush them off and continue on?
    Would things be different?
    Would you notice?
    Would my fingers be tapping away at the keyboard right now as my mind tries to conceive the perfect words to make my feelings well know?
    I don't know, I might never know.

    Call it regret because that is what it very well may be but I'll call it curiosity.

    And while I don't know a lot of things do know I have people who love me and people I love.
    But for awhile I will house a curiosity of what happened and what could have happened.

    The words still don't seem right.