• through the years
    your guilt trips follow me
    you word echo
    through my empty mind

    tell me why i cry
    i can't even call you my dad
    your a monster
    to me

    some one i can't belive
    i was afriad of you
    in every way

    but how can you think
    it will still be the same
    after all the fights
    endless screaming
    to only fall on the ground

    no i will never forgive you
    my life is hell
    what makes you think i will let you in
    after that misurey
    you cost me

    and here i stand today
    in my own place
    whats left of you

    theres not a trace
    i dont want you to be here
    i dont want to explane this
    over and over again

    my answers still the same
    i hope you vanish with out a trace