• I have been sent to conquer this place
    With the light of my blade shining brightly
    Nothing but a solemn look on my face,
    And a confident fist clenched tightly
    A gleam in my eye demonstrates my pride
    Soul fire burns all in the wake
    While awaiting nature's ebbing tide
    Tenacious power makes ground shake
    Residing atop the great castle heights
    Creatures swim cool in water below
    Silently gracing all with their lights,
    And the love only Father knows

    Gut feelings say danger is on hand,
    One glance shows the enemy is near
    Pensive to strike him down where he stands,
    Fiends like him prey on fear
    No matter, battle is definition
    My very nature is to kill
    Steady and precise through repetition
    The slayer of fake, the bringer of real
    As I defend truth, my rival is sly,
    His conflict clever like a fox
    I slash his throat and watch him die
    He falls lifeless to grass, dirt and rocks

    Through pure intent, I have banished the fiend,
    And liberated the land from his venture
    The abscess of the kingdom again cleaned,
    But not an end to the adventure
    Father requests an audience with me
    I am greatly obliged to this grand surprise
    Arrival to his throne, what do I see?
    Immortal statue of I before my eyes
    I succeed to the scepter of kingdom reign,
    Bestowed with honor from the King
    Visions of eternal, unbroken chain
    Above my head, crowned a golden ring