• Guarding the route with his patrol
    neively unaware,
    of metal cutting through the wind
    the bombs were nearly there.

    The ground rumbled as tanks exploded
    his buddy cried in pain;
    he slung him over his shoulder fast
    and ran through the shrapnel rain.

    Behind a damaged tank he lay
    his buddy on the ground;
    where he didn't blink, move
    or even make a sound.

    He screamed for a medic,
    though in truth he knew
    his buddy had died
    there was nothing he could do.

    Everything grew quiet,
    and the only thing he could hear
    was his screams and sobs
    as he quaked with fear.

    He cried through the night
    and awoke with a start.
    He came to a conclusion;
    he must play his part.

    He stood up slowy
    to face the misty glow
    of his very worst nightmare;
    a brother's blood on snow.

    He looked out over the bodies
    and then faced away
    for he'd pulled his gun out
    in quiet dismay.

    He carefully relaxed himself
    for his hand was in a fist
    as he put the pistol to his head
    and fell into the mist.