• I stepped into the shadows
    Not so far away from light.
    But I felt this urge to go deeper...
    Felt like someone was calling me too far from sight.

    Not knowing what to do,
    Not wanting to turn back,
    I prepared to go farther
    Hoping no one would attack.

    The farther I purged into darkness,
    The clearer I could hear...
    That sweet hypnotic melody
    You used to hum into my ear...

    I wondered for hours on end
    Searching for that blissful tune.
    Not knowing where I was going,
    Hoping I'd find you very soon.

    So much time had passed,
    It felt the day was nearing twilight.
    My eyes strained as I tried to tell,
    But all I saw was the darkness of night.

    Now noticing the sound was closer,
    I bolted into the dark.
    And there you stood before me
    Still baring my mark.

    My eyes must have deceived me...
    How could it be true?
    It was only a couple months ago
    That they had buried you.

    But my concerns soon melted away
    As you sang my lullaby.
    Your voice so beautiful and soft,
    So very refined...

    Such a sweet, sweet melody.
    It was something I sure did miss.
    And for the first time in months I felt whole
    As you pulled me into a kiss.

    Tears of joy filled my eyes,
    And gently rolled down my cheeks.
    I had prayed that this would happen.
    I prayed for so many weeks...

    Before I even thought to open my eyes,
    You were already gone.
    And even after you left,
    I continued to hear that song.

    Such a sweet, sweet melody...
    No longer something I'd have to miss.
    And now I'm sure you loved me my dear,
    You said it all in our last kiss...

    heart heart heart heart