• Everything is swirling around,
    Things giong up and down,
    Those two words killed me,
    Now you see what I've come to be..?

    Broken and Shattered
    Pieces of my heart scattered,
    Why did I stay with you?
    When I knew you weren't being true?
    Your weren't paying attention...
    Now I'm going through suffocation!
    This could be the the end of my life
    Everything so full of strife.
    Why did I have to stay with you?
    When I knew you wouldn't remain true.
    Broken and shattered,
    Pieces of my heart scattered.
    This could be the end of my life.

    Nothing matters anymore,
    Since you left my heart so sore.
    I'm sorry I fell in love with you,
    It was what my heart told me to do.

    Everytime I see your face,
    I turn away in grimace,
    You left me in my time in need,
    My heart, now a tiny seed.