• I think..I think about all the things that could be different
    All the time I wasted on the wrong shoulder
    All the time I wasted when you were in my reach
    The thought of all the lost hours, minutes, seconds
    And now the lost years..
    The last time I remember holding your cold hand
    The last times we spent..knowing it was all to end
    The last time I remember talking to your gentel face
    Watching you slip away from me into a beyond,
    Where I can never reach you
    And so you are gone..forever..
    And nothingness seeps into me, as clear as light
    So i build my walls before it is too late
    Locking in darkness along locking it out..
    Before long the loss gets to my soul, my character
    And my Unresponsivness is discovered
    And I am finally told your final words..
    "The thought of death is not a scary one
    Only the thought of losing someone"

    And I broke down my walls and cried.