• In dreams that I hold to my breast,
    Love more tightly could not my heartstrings strain;
    Only one with so gracious and patient a soul can
    Vexations and my twice-sieged heart unfurl.
    Evermore 'twixt cold winter and blessed sunshine,
    Yours doth be the wind that moves me.

    Of the moment breath inside me entered first, I have
    Utterly wandered the earth; that sound of
    My heart, whose drum deep within mybosom I could not make to
    Arise beside me with the day, and
    Rest with my countenance and the moon, as been the
    Sought-for boon for which forfeit my life would become.
    A well-worn traveler, you surely did not recognize that
    I my small trinket would pursue; nor that in your possession it would be.
    Lost was my heart, one half-a chord until
    "I and you", "we" and "us", "together", "with one another" made harmony we did.

    So you who traveled and I who wandered
    Did not meet as virgin islands art found;
    'Round knaves and witches hath our paths crossed,
    And beggars and thieves our hearts have plundered.
    "Nought have you gained from me," I say, though lesser words ring more true.
    Grief many times hath plagued my search; but
    Erred in their ways they were, and now the must meet fate.
    Lost was my heart, one half-a chord until
    Our melody joined as one we made
    --Steps down a newborn path we take.

    Reminisce as a storm those dark times were,
    A nightmare amongst dreamless nights;
    Man and woman, Ice and Fire, soul and heart we became, and
    Only we together fit.
    None can felt your frosty wisdom, nor can my
    Everlasting flame outwit; as days pass
    By we grow but stronger, and even now my
    Regaling heart a beat will skip. The blame is
    Yours, for you hold my treasure
    And my debt in your love I must endure.
    No thought of returning nor
    Taking steps back; For your soul and my heart doth share the same beat.