• Big surprise-

    This is how it starts, a face without a name,
    your eyes meet from across the room,
    you cannot speak a word and your heart picks up the pace,
    You see life from a whole other point of view

    Then suddenly he’s standing right in front of you,
    your mind goes blank, and you don’t know what to do,
    you stare at him, and he stares back,
    he raises a hand to your hair,
    and whispers simple words into your ear

    He says you’re the one he’s been searching for all his life,
    your body is a poem yet he still sees the beauty from inside

    He has no kids, but a dog named Sam, that he won from his ex-wife,
    who left him for another man,
    you want to heal his pain, so you think while he has left,
    getting you more champaign

    He walks you home, because you don’t want to go alone,
    he kisses you night, yet you hold his hand tight,
    you invite him in, and in he comes,
    you invite him in, and in he cums

    You wake up the next morning with pain in your head,
    you lay there eyes open, alone in your bed,
    there is a note from the man, signed X in red ink,
    I had a good time, and left with a wink

    As you wonder why this always happens to you,
    you realize that you’re not the person you thought you knew,
    you’re a whore and a cheat, and thats why you’ve been beat,
    as you step off the stool, and hang in defeat.