• I see you,
    Through the rain.
    I'm hiding my tears.
    Why must you be here,
    Stopping my tears?
    They're for you,
    You know that, don't you?
    You're the only one i've been needing.
    I don't want to be lonely anymore.
    I'd rather you break my heart,
    Before it has already broke apart.
    Make it hurt,
    The pain makes me cry.
    Tears for you.
    Thats all you'll get from me.
    You don't want me.
    You don't need me.
    You don't even like me.
    Why must you be my first love?
    Can it not hurt?
    Once again in the rain.
    Trying to hide my pain.
    Can't you leave?
    My words are hard to believe.
    But even though i love you,
    I want you,
    I might even need you,
    Go away.
    Let me break.
    I'm halfway broken anyway.
    You can't fix it.
    You don't give a s***.