• im on my way to see your face
    but when i get there i see no trace
    theres no sign of life
    none at all
    i see a swing when sun starts to fall
    i sit down and call your name
    i start to cry and take the blame
    i call your name and i start to sway
    now when did this night come to day
    i see your house and i run inside
    i look around but you cannot hide
    tears well up and start to pour
    i shout your name and slam a door
    i close my fist and wonder why
    why o' why did you have to die
    then i hear a noise
    but not from toys
    i look around and call your name
    then i know im not to blame
    i wake at night
    with a cold deathly fright
    i see my phone and pick up
    a soothing voice says hi wha' sup
    it was all a dream
    a dream i fear, hearing your voice
    thats all i need, thats all i want
    hearing good night and i love you so
    this is for someone special
    and special she is
    funny, kind, loving, and caring

    ~ this was for my loving girl friend, i love you~