• A Poem About Love~

    Do you have a prince?

    Listen for my common sense.

    And don’t lean on the fence.

    Love is tender,

    Love will hurt you like a blender,

    Who knows? You might get a letter from a mysterious Sender.

    Hold the one you love tight,

    And don’t give up without a fight,

    And Never let them out of you’re sight.

    Hug them when the rain falls,

    Hug them when the thunder calls,

    Hug them like a doll.

    Never say no to love,

    Be free as a dove,

    Never give it a shove.

    Let it either be a girl, guy, or even the smallest dot in you’re eye,

    Because love is not a lie,

    So don’t sigh.

    Love doesn’t have a name,
    Love will never make you play a game,

    Love will never make you feel blame.

    It could be hiding anywhere,

    Or somewhere,

    But it isn’t anywhere.

    Love is inside you,

    Love is deeper then the great blue,

    Love is the feeling that start’s in the shoe.

    Love isn’t entirely new.

    So why don’t you make love free to you?
    heart heart heart heart