• I loved you
    Trusted you
    Let you in
    But in return
    You shut me out

    Leaving me behind
    With tear filled eyes
    I'll never forget you
    I'll always love you

    Even though you never said it
    Your actions were clear
    I was unwanted
    I was dissowned

    We had good times
    I still have the stupid teddy
    You gave me for Christmas
    I can't let it go
    Even though
    It reminds me of you

    Our song i keep playing over
    Though it makes me cry
    I never want to forget you

    The stupid card I made for you
    With the crappy love poem
    And the message saying
    I'll always have you...
    I regret deeply

    You had said nothing
    What was there to say?
    You went your own way
    Leaving me
    Alone and broken

    Rember this though
    I'll never get over you
    You were...
    My first love

    You showed me a world
    I could run and hide in
    When life got to rough
    Your arms held me through
    Now all those memories
    Cause my eyes
    To see them as lies

    So I'll say this to you
    As my farewell forever
    Goodbye my lover
    Forever are we gone
    But love you yet I will
    Continue to do