• Limp body laying in my arms
    Tired smile playing on your face
    As your gentle breathing fills the air

    I still smell it on you
    It’s getting on my nerves
    I try to hold my breath and ignore it
    Until I’m as dizzy and lightheaded as you were

    It’s difficult to protect you
    When you do things that harm you
    All I can do now is hold you as you recover

    I’m still so angry
    I can’t believe you did that
    Never have I known you to do something to ridiculous
    Never have I been so upset with you

    Despite what happened
    I know I have a beautiful angel in my arms
    …I can’t stay mad at you for long

    I don’t know why it was given it to you
    I don’t understand why you took it
    I’ll let this slide once and only once
    Just promise me one thing, love

    Never do it again