• Cupid’s Arrow Missed

    Cupid’s arrow missed, So I raise my fist!

    Towards the fact that Cupid’s arrow missed.

    I guess I should be happy though, that now I can live in bliss.

    Why not have love though, hold someone tight,

    Hold them deep into the night,

    And never let them go, when there is a fright.

    I’ll tell you what, love is just a pain in the butt,

    I love you! You love me. What smut,

    Or as the saying goes the deeper the love the deeper the cut!

    What is love good for?

    So you can feel warm for once more?

    So you can dance them with on the dance floor?

    I’ll admit this,

    It would be amazing to live in that bliss,

    Wishing to be kissed.

    Waiting in the rain for the one you love,

    Adjusting to every shove,

    Is that truly love?