• Sonata of Horrors

    A hoard of zombies’ marionettes
    Advent on the stage
    Hurry up and get to your post drummer boy
    The curtain is about to open on the
    Sonata of Horrors.
    This is one performance
    That you shall not want to miss.
    Go drummer boy with your mallet in hand
    To fight off your enemies on stage left.
    (The whole world is watching)
    Flutter away Marionettes of Death
    You are an unwelcome guests in the Hall of Saints.
    Even Beethoven without his moonlight
    On this dark night
    Is not permitted welcome.
    So go strum your tune somewhere else,
    Your pitch is monotone
    And the angels are full of themselves
    Infatuated with they’re own trance.
    A battle to the end will inevitably ensue
    How much blood will be spilt in this concert hall?
    But this is all just an act, a ruse.
    Though the blood is real the instruments are not.
    And so the curtain falls on yet another war.
    Yet another Sonata of Horrors.