• its hard to forget you
    but I know that someday I will
    and the scars you left upon me will heal
    and the tears I shed will dry upon my cheeks
    but soon I'll have your hand
    Then I'll hold nothing
    nothing to me
    Its hard to keep myself from falling
    back into that sea of betrayal
    and I know I'll fall and sink to the bottom
    I know the scars will reopen and bleed into my tears

    i know I'll watch the moon fade away
    as your name surfaces from my mind
    and falls off my lips taking away the oxygen I had left

    I'll fall into sleep as I hit the bottom
    fall into your lullaby embrace
    and know that my scars won't heal
    you won't fade
    I won't let go

    of this pain

    of this hurt

    of myself