• Her name is hope.
    No matter the pain she will fight.
    For if she doesn’t help them, no one will.
    People are scared, but she is too.
    She will win the fight.
    Their tears heal her wounds,
    Their cries make her move.
    Their laughter is her heartbeat,
    And she will not let her heart break.
    She doesn’t know who they are, or where they’re from,
    But she knows she loves them.
    So will you join in her fight to help?
    Or will you sit there and pretend you don’t know what’s happening.
    People are dying, kids are crying, and you could help.
    I hope you do.
    I run beside that ever fighting girl.
    That girl with the black, white, tan, all color skin,
    And I fight with her to save them.
    Will you?