• I'm sitting here in the dark,
    Did you believe I didn't really try,
    Wondering where you are now,
    Lover, did you ever imagine that I'd die,

    I thought we'd sit here alone,
    When we'd gone out separate ways,
    I thought I'd love someone else,
    As I moved forward in my later days,

    Please lover, come back to me,
    Don't you understand, I need you how,
    Give me one more chance to show,
    How much I'm needing you right now,

    I'll be everything you ever needed,
    I'll be there when you're crying at night,
    I'll take your hand and show you,
    The way we're going towards the light,

    So don't leave me here all alone,
    Come back now, and show me the way,
    I need you, if I'm going to make it,
    Through this darkened night into the day,

    Christina, can you hear my call,
    I'm whispering names that belong to you,
    Christina, will you save me now,
    Darling, I just don't know what to do,

    These hands belong to yours,
    They're reaching, and only grasping air,
    I know I betrayed you and darling,
    I'll never leave your side again, I swear,

    These lungs are starting to fail,
    And my eyes are rolling back unseeing,
    God, give to me five more minutes,
    Let my final moments have some meaning,

    I guess you're not coming here,
    I'll sit here and pass away all alone,
    My face will never shine with the,
    Image of you and my forgotten home,