• Penciling in the outline
    Making sure to get the shape right
    adding as much detail as I can
    My eyes
    How do I color them?
    Sometimes they are Grey
    I add Grey to the pallet
    Sometimes they are pale blue
    Mix pale blue with it
    When they shine in the sun, they're true blue
    Mix in true blue
    When I cry, they're deep turquoise
    So I mix in deep turquoise
    I get a color
    describing loneliness, happiness, sadness, gentleness, quietness,
    a color describing me
    For my skin
    Find me a hue of brown as light as can be
    before becoming white
    The color for my face
    I can't forget to preserve some darkness
    for my fading freckles
    As for my hair
    From the roots to the tip
    It gets lighter and lighter
    Oak brown to honey blond
    I won't use crimson red for my lips
    I won't use flamingo pink either
    I'll just mix them
    It won't be too bright
    and it won't be too dim
    I mustn't forget to shadow
    Representing the bad things in my life
    such as sadness, enemies and doubts
    But don't fret
    There are always highlights to overcome the shadows
    Happiness to overcome sadness
    Friends to overcome enemies
    and hopes to overcome doubts
    A self portrait such as mine
    can never be complete
    I'll probably just throw it away
    and restart another next week