• Water drips softly from the stalactite,
    Winter is the only season.
    A freezing breeze paces through the halls,
    Forever tormenting the castle hands.

    Ice queen rests on her throne,
    Increasingly bored in her tone.
    Knights patrol the cold chambers,
    Knowing only their mind enchantments.
    Knowing only their ladies wishes.

    Crisply darting about the rooms,
    Craving more, the shivering rogue roams.
    Stuffing his pack with the ladies treasures,
    Shifting about her tormented troops.

    A knight spots him,
    Before he can move the rogue is gone.

    Panicking, panting, the rogue hides.
    Patrols are hunting, he must be on his toes.

    The queen excites as the mischief is reported.
    Some fodder to entertain her,
    To be by her very self thwarted.

    Alas, 'tis so.
    For defeating the Ice Queen in her home,
    Is a feat for a true hero.
    A brief combat, a mere ceremony.
    This rogue is naught now,
    Naught but his mothers memory.

    And on the morrow, the castle shimmers.
    It's awesome blue incites shivers.
    The queen is back on her throne,
    Bored with the daily drones.