• Muted Will

    i'm breaking down, i'm falling
    all around me, the world is crumbling

    i've tried my hardest, given it my all
    but thorugh it all, i still manage to fall

    i'm spiraling down, i'm picking up speed
    i see the collision ahead, getting ready to bleed

    i can't call out, can't make a sound
    my voice is muted, i fall to the ground

    i can't reach out, i can't get help
    i've run out of options, with the hand i was delt

    my life is a recoding, running instant replay
    its de javu, i have nothing new to say

    i can't reach out to you, you wouldn't be able to help
    there is so much more, i haven't ever felt

    love, belonging, what are these
    things as delicate, as a cracking leaf

    they eluded me then, they elude me still
    my rock is now crumbling, i have lost my will