• This silence is pierced with ignorance-
    Looking only at the circumstance.
    Then realizing it's just that that took you away
    And you try to make it seem okay.
    First class ticket to your guilt trip-
    Thinking somehow it'll make me forget.
    But damn you for leaving me here on my own
    To be reborn with a heart made of stone.
    And damn you for not ever coming back
    All the while, promising that..
    One day it'd be perfect and we'd never need
    Oh and at last- that day's come, indeed.
    Because now I'm taking care of myself
    And your picture's been taken down from my shelf.
    I don't need you any more than you need me;
    And that's just the way it's got to be.
    And while you're away and I'm left here bleeding,
    I'm not needing, but healing- and always concealing.