• With the razor kissed wrists
    this is my bright red scream
    as I press down harder blood begins to surface
    I convince myself "you don't feel pain, forget it, it's worth it"
    You convince yourself that there is no pain
    I try to forget
    it's just my sick little game
    there's white ones, red ones, fresh ones too
    I'm ashamed of what I do
    As time goes by they get harder to hide
    more and more skin with scars on the outside
    Hide them with long sleeved shirts, it covers them up but doesn't take away the hurt
    It hurts the same when nobody knows; it's just the way it goes
    Cut to feel alive, it's something I know is real
    It's something I wish I could hide, something I didn't have to feel
    When things get too bad it's first instinct to just cut away
    Cut away, make some new scars to just get through the day
    This time it got out of hand, cut too deep and can hardly stand
    Losing way too much blood and I begin to fall
    This will be my little secret, I won't say anything at all