• I'm going to rip your heart right out
    And hold it in my hand
    To show you how it really feels
    To make you understand

    Because I have your heart tonight
    I'll show you, fair is fair...
    You'll feel a pain I know so well
    A pain beyond compare

    For starts, I'll cut you nice and deep
    I'll make you scream, I'll make you weep
    I'll watch as you helplessly bleed
    And laugh if you should beg and plead

    I'll tear you open, nice and wide
    And spit at what lies deep inside
    I'll grab your heart, with a grin
    You'll finally see what lies within

    I'll mutilate your heart
    As you did once to me
    I'll damage it beyond repair
    And then I'll set you free

    I'll tear it up into little parts
    And scatter it about
    I'll keep a piece all for myself
    I'm sure you'll do without

    I'll tape it up, I'll paint it black
    And when I'm done, I'll put it back
    You'll feel it there, a constant ache
    When I'm all gone and you're awake

    You don't know why I've hurt you so
    The pain I've caused will grow and grow
    You brought this on yourself, you see...
    It's all that you have done to me