Middle man, middle man,
    Where do you stand?
    On the cobblestone streets of peace,
    Or the war zones of sand?

    There are two objects lain in front of you,
    A bag of seeds and a knife.
    Will you kill another being,
    Or give another life?

    Baby boy, baby boy,
    Do you see this toy gun?
    Point the cork at your friends,
    And say it’s “just for fun.”

    Middle man, middle man,
    How do you stand?
    By the strings of a puppet,
    Or above the Leader’s hand?

    Pacification, instigation;
    Really, what is the difference?
    Does one truly play war,
    While the other feigns innocence?

    Baby boy, baby boy,
    Mommy won’t stop crying.
    Daddy was playing war,
    And ended up dying.

    Middle man, middle man,
    Why do you stand?
    To wave a universal flag,
    Or infiltrate a foreign land?

    If blood stains clothing,
    What stains the heart?
    The life of a murderer,
    Or a brush that creates art?

    Baby boy, baby boy,
    It’s time to grow up.
    Daddy isn’t coming back,
    And mommy’s too corrupt.

    Middle man, middle man,
    Why must you stand?
    To bring about a treacherous death,
    Or live your life in grand?

    If death is the answer,
    What is the question?
    Should we tell a lie,
    Or give a confession?

    Baby boy, baby boy,
    Pick up your gun,
    And point it at your enemy;
    Just like father, just like son.