• Tears are burning,
    Cuts are stinging,

    It was a love for you I was feeling.
    But things have changed.

    I've pushed you out,
    I've shut my door,
    I just can't take it anymore.

    You pushed me down,
    You've hurt me,
    You hate me.

    You're a liar,
    A disgrace,
    Nothing but a fake.

    I feel so stupid,
    So desperate,
    So used,
    Like a worthless fool.

    Why I fell for you, I will never know.
    I wanted you,
    I loved you,
    I needed you.
    That was hard for me to show.

    Now its over.
    It's come to an end.
    The numerous tears I've shed are being soaked up by the sheets of my bed.

    I've fallen for someone else.
    I never want to see your face again.

    I'll never take you back.
    There aren't any second-chances.
    You can't sweet-talk me,
    You can't buy me.
    I'm not for sale.

    Heart shattered, my wounds bleeding
    I'm lying alone, looking up at the ceiling.
    I wish I had someone to lie next to me
    To Hold me so close, so tight, that I can hear them breathe.

    Now that you're gone,
    I'm able to be me.
    I'm able to look around and finally see.
    I can go anywhere and spread my wings.

    I want to fly through the clouds, to the stars, to a place where no one can hurt me anymore. To a place where I'm free.